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I help midlife professional women radically increase self-confidence through RTT Hypnotherapy

I once believed

Through my experiences as a child, I came to believe that I was not as smart as everyone around me. Knowing that I couldn’t compete intellectually, I focused on being charming, pleasing others, and staying out of the way.

I kept my personality small, trying not to disturb anyone or create any problems. I was timid and quiet.

Playing it safe

While friends went off to respected universities after high school, I stayed behind and attended the state community college before moving on to the local university. I was certain that I couldn’t succeed at a major university. I decided the only way for someone like me to make it in the world was to hustle—work harder, work longer, keep quiet, and be a people-pleaser.

I developed a very successful career as an account executive in the medical field with this mindset. For 15 years, working in sought-after positions for Fortune 500 companies bolstered my self-worth. Achieving at work was a way to prove my value to others.

Deep down

I didn’t feel that I truly belonged though. Again, staying small and avoiding situations where I might be revealed as the fraud that I thought I was. Pretending to be confident was exhausting me. I started to have ongoing anxiety, fears, and imposter syndrome.

My low self-worth prevented me from seeking promotions, asking for raises, and sharing my ideas. Despite being a top performer, I did not feel that I was worthy. Not wanting to make waves, I accepted whatever was given and left so much on the table by not advocating for myself.

The breaking point

Entering my forties, my anxiety was at an all-time high and my confidence was crashing to a new low. Every day, I felt trapped by the crushing weight of stress.

To combat all of this, I doubled down on talk therapy, journaling, and daily affirmations. I high-fived myself in the mirror (yes, that’s right), weight trained, joined yoga classes, and bought trendy new clothes in search of relief. But I could not shake those bad feelings.

The Transformation

A chance encounter led me to hypnotherapy, and it changed everything for me.

Afterwards, a new sense of peace, clarity, and confidence came over me. It felt like a heavy weight lifted off of me. No longer identifying with those old limiting beliefs of the past, I felt so incredibly light and free. I was able to express myself calmly and confidently and embrace new feelings of worthiness.

Additionally, setting firm boundaries with those in my life led to significantly less stress and overwhelm. I began to realize how my low confidence had been affecting me in so many areas of life—I now felt closer to my family and friends and less bothered by daily annoyances. I found myself speaking up for my needs and having more energy to conquer the day.

But the absolute best thing was that now I was confident enough to be able to step into my own truth and let go of the idea that I needed a big corporation and a title to validate me. I no longer felt that I needed to compete with those around me or fit into a box that didn’t feel right.

I realized my desires and dreams to own my own business, helping other women achieve the same powerful results in their own lives. I would never have been brave enough to do that previously. It brings me great joy now to witness this same kind of transformation in my clients’ lives, and I feel honored to be a part of their journeys.

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