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Love Letters

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RTT sessions may include the use of trance, root cause analysis regression, parts therapy , reframing and reconditioning. Sessions and Techniques will be tailored to your needs.

When will I see change?
Change happens in one of three ways
1. Immediately–right after the session
2. Cumulatively–daily improvement
3. Retroactively–in a few weeks you realize how much has changed

RTT™️ has won multiple awards including…
Gold Stevie® Award: Marisa Peer – Using Neuroplasticity to Revolutionize Health (2019)
I Am Enough – Support Department of the Year, Bronze Stevie® Award (2019)
American Business Awards® Bronze Stevie® Award: Video Categories – Self Esteem Mini
Course By Marisa Peer (2019).
American Business Awards® Bronze Stevie® Award: Free Yourself From The Fear Of
Judgement & Start Living Life – Marisa Peer – Viral Video (2019)
People’s Choice Stevie® Award for Favorite New Products: I Am Enough – Rapid
Transformational Therapy Methodology (2018)
Gold Stevie® Award New Product & Service – Rapid Transformational Therapy (2018)
Gold Stevie® Award Entrepreneur of the Year – Health Products & Services: Marisa Peer –
Empowering Everyday People to Partner in their Health (2018)
International Business Awards: Marisa Peer Entrepreneur of the Year – Health Products &
Services (2018)
Lifetime Achievement Award – Consumer Services Industries Gold Stevie® Award: Marisa Peer
Shares Global Message – ‘You Are Enough’
American Business Awards Gold Stevie® Award: Woman of the Year Marisa Peer –
Empowering Women and Children
Lifetime Achievement Award: International Business Awards®, Silver Stevie Award
International Business Awards® Gold Stevie Award: Woman of the Year.
Having achieved globally validated results, RTT™ has received accreditation in the US, UK, and
Australia, including the General Hypnotherapy Register, the American Board of Hypnotherapy
and the International Association of Counsellors and Therapists. Marisa’s transformative impact
has also been acknowledged by the Royal School of Medicine in New York and London.

Yes, clients love virtual sessions and being in the comfort of their own home. It is every bit as effective.